My name is George Alan Bradley. I am an former musician, bartender, museum custodian, burger flipper, hotel manager, casino worker, journalist, magazine editor, and theater lackey who never stopped carrying a pen in my pocket

My writing incorporates things that fascinate and inspire me. The creeping corridors of haunted houses and haunted minds, the cracking of rusted hinges and rusted sanity. Monsters both real and imaginary and ghosts made of both mist and the missing. The danger that may lurk beneath your bed...or perhaps sleeping in it, next to you. In short, I write to scare!

Head over to my Amazon page, or head over to 'short fiction' for [free] stories. Or drop me a line via the email contact form or Twitter. I am currently sourcing representation for my long-form work and will update you on that soon. For now, thank you for your interest! 

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