George Alan Bradley was born in London to a family of travelers. Growing up, he has happy memories of reading Tolkien by moonlight during bouts of insomnia brought about by clandestine viewings of horror classics like The Exorcist and Psycho.

In college, Bradley majored in Creative Writing, where he began writing short fiction and poetry while working all manner of odd jobs, from bartending to magazine editorial to suicide crisis counseling. 

After settling in Westerville, Ohio, Bradley turned his attention to publishing. His short fiction work has been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines including Suspense Magazine, HellBound Books, Alternative History Magazine, Kryonite Press and many more. He released a collection of short stories titled 'Three Black Eyes' in 2019 while working on debut novels.

Bradley's work defies easy classification. As a lifelong reader, he is a fan of a variety of authors from Ernest Hemingway to Stephen King to Toni Morrison. As a writer, most of his work falls into the vague category of 'literary mystery', exploring the characters and internal conflicts that rage in the quiet of the Midwest landscape he now calls home.

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